Blush blush game uncensored

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Nimh is the first guy to appear in Blush Blush. He is unlocked from the beginning. Story-wise, he is turned into a rabbit and stayed at the Zoo to ask for a refund. Nimh is very timid and is a typical romantic at heart. He is very sweet and cheerful. He struggles with talking about how he feels about the protagonist, often stumbling over his own sentences. He has an overall optimistic take on life. Crush Crush Wikia Explore. Characters Girls Guys Cats?

You Crab Pigeon Lil Quill. Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Official Links. Community Official Links Back. Extra Community Official Links Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Edit source History Talk 0. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Girls 1 Guys 2 Esper. Universal Conquest Wiki. Sex Scene [ ]. You and Nimh begin to kiss, his hands soflty touching your face, and you feel him grow hard against you. Suddenly there's a magical explosion! Nimh is completely back to normal - the curse is broken! Breathing heavily, his eyes are a mix of joy and desire. He touches himself, then looks at you shyly, blushing.

You go down on him, taking his dick into your mouth, and he gasps with shuddering pleasure After making love for an hour, the two of you are laying together. You hear Nimh laugh softly, "Well That was very very very Thank you.

Blush blush game uncensored

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Blush blush uncensored