Booty pics to send

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He's surrounded by other women because he's a performer. Kind of famous. I guess his talent is so attractive to me, I wasn't seeing clearly. You're right though I don't want to look desperate, I have plenty of other options, just dont feel the same way about them.

Good point. I do make it hard for him. I think that's what drew him to me in the first place, since all these other girls throw themselves at him. Thanks for the advice! I've already told him I thought he was special He's not a douchebag, his job just gets him a lot of attention from women. Wasn't planning to whore myself out lol I guess I was just tired of waiting. Do you think so? I thought more men would share your opinion! But reading other comments, I don't want to come off desperate. Men dont really pick up on subtlety. And guys love nude girls.. So there's a guy that I like and I know likes me.

We've had a few interactions on a few separate occasions, very flirty comfortable reactions. He's told me he's interested in me, but when I threw him the I've actually grown really intrigued by this guy and its made it hard to get into anyone else. So now I was thinking of sending him a pic in boy shorts not nude to get his attention.

I know it seems strange, but after a solid year or two of this back and forth when we see eachother I kinda just want a reaction either way. I'm aware of the fact guys like to show their friends or w. So guess what I'm asking guys is would you be freaked out if a girl sent you a booty pic?

Would you think less of her? Or at least motivate you to choose either way? Would this get a reaction? Share Facebook. What does a guy think of a girl that sends booty pics? Should I send a booty pic to get his attention? Add Opinion. Yeatts opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 7. Basically it would be: "slut alert, slut alert, future booty call with no hope of having a relationship with me! If you just keep going after an uninterested guy it makes you look desperate. Besides do you want a bf that is always surrounded by other women? Personally, if I were you, I wouldn't.

You'd seem too easy. You deserve someone who gives you his attention without you having to send any booty pics. Have a nice dayy :. Guys LOVE booty pics! Lol thanks for the advice :. Octavion Yoda. It sounds to me like he wants to go for a chase. As you said he gets a lot of attention from women so you're probably not the first person to try this with him. He probably enjoys chasing after you.

Can't say for sure but if it's true the butt pic will make him lose interest. Hephaestus Explorer. All due respect it would make ya look too eager in my opinion. Then just tell him what's up. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why do guys watch porn? If a guy says he 'won't bother' you again My boyfriend follows half naked chicks in his social medias? Sort Girls First Guys First.

Ihav2fart Master. Show me that booty pic then I'll let you know whether you should send it to him or not. He sounds like a player, I wouldn't send him anything. Bastian93 Xper 4. Or in other words you want to whore yourself out to some badboy douchebag. Xper 6. Your mature enough so you can decide.

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Booty pics to send

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