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Canes are an advanced tool — you can hurt someone by accident. When you use a cane, you should expect bruising, marking, and often cut skin: this must be pre-negotiated. Because some kinds of canes cannot be thoroughly cleaned, many people who play with traditional rattan canes consider them to be one-person tools. A cane strike compresses the skin making it a two-fold blow. The bottom feels and initial sting, then, a few seconds later, the nerves that were compressed with the skin begin to return to their original size and a new, searing pain fires up radiating outwardly from the twin welts.

A cane strike is mostly created in the wrist. Don't lift the cane immediately upon your strike, let the rattan settle into the skin. Let the skin receive it and continue to absorb the sensation. In many ways, the way you cane is an outgrowth of who you are. So here is a list of variables under your control:.

It will hold up to quite a bit of bending, but making it bend in an extreme angle will damage it. Do NOT use bamboo canes. There is a very real danger that a bamboo cane will split or break at the nodes when struck with force against an object. Beware of Wrapping. You can prevent this by securing either towels or pillows close to the haunches of the recipient. For additional punishment the birch should be allowed to cover the backs of the thighs just below the cheeks of the bottom or if the punishment is to be more severe then the entire backs of the legs can be birches.

Beware of the Sciatic Nerve. The sciatic nerve is relatively unprotected and runs through the buttock and hip areas. Bamboo is a grass and rattan is a palm. The confusion leading to the modern myth that rattan is baby bamboo emerged because when bamboo is young and has a solid center, it is actually called rattan same as a baby horse is called a foal or baby cattle are called calves.

However, as it grows develops its well-known hollow center that plant is called bamboo. A cane stroke occurs mostly in the wrist. When the stroke lands, don't lift the cane up immediately, let the rattan settle into the skin. Thick canes leave deep bruises. Bruises are blood escaping from broken capillaries and blood vessels.

Thus, bruises are damaged tissue. If used lightly and with skill, you can play with many body parts that are "off limits" with thuddier toys. They are an opportunity to shock and surprise your partner. Remember how tender the skin is becoming as you lay the rattan cane into your bottom.

Think about tracing your nail or a knife-point along a welt. Think about the brutal feeling of spraying your bottom's backside with water and adding more strokes. Remember that a wet cane or a cane hitting wet skin has a completely different feel. When positioning your partner, consider how their final height affects where you are in relation to your target area.

This will actually hurt and bring the bottom into their head as they try to figure out what is happening. A caning scene may be luxurious and erotic as well as painful and disciplining. The most common target areas are the buttocks and upper thighs. Do note that when a male target bends over his testicles may get into the "line of fire", particularly when the target area is the upper thighs. Some enthusiasts advocate the narrow crease area where the upper thighs the buttocks. While the buttocks and upper thighs are well-padded target areas, you can use lighter cane strokes on other body parts, including breasts and genitals.

Instead of using full-sized canes here, be creative. Thin spatulas or even the flat side of long knives can be used effectively. And, of course, you can reintroduce some nice hand slapping. While calves and the soles of the feet can be good targets for medium-sized canes, some targets are off-limits almost always, such as the head, spine, and areas above vital organs kidneys , bones and ts. It's unsafe to many areas of the body because of their sensitivity to impact. These include:. NOTE: If you move too fast, you will curtail the heightening of pleasure that happens after a stroke lands.

And your bottom will be in resistance mode instead of flying subspace. Giving a good caning, however, isn't easy. Being very attuned to body language watch and see if your partner is clenching his or her ass muscles will help you determine pacing and intensity. Rattan Birch rods need to be soaked in lukewarm water for minutes before each use.

Not as bad as a whip, but a heck of a lot harder than flogging. Most of us learned to cane by sprinkling a pillow with powder. Practice making precise patterns a set distance apart. Watch where your tip lands. Listen to the sound of the rattan slicing the air and learn to match the sound with speed and intensity. Beyond that, please be a good-guy and write to me for reprint permission: PowerExchangeEditor Yahoo.

Bob Master Jen Glossary of Terms. Back Dr. Bob's Nature Photography Dr. Bob's Kink Photography Dr. Bob's Created Photography. You must understand where this nerve is and how to avoid damaging it. Nerves do not regenerate and if badly bruised, recover from very slowly Heavy canes require a delicate touch and good control; they are NOT deed for full-force blows. Medical Issues Infection: Canes or rods made of natural material such as wood are prone to becoming infected by blood products.

Once bloodied, canes become vehicles for spreading blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Once exposed to someone's blood, a cane should not be used on anyone else. Bruising There are salves that help heal bruising faster than the body might normally do on its own.

Check at your local pharmacy. Bottoms new to caning are very likely to bruise easily and the bruises may last weeks. As the mind comes to realize that the person owning the body is asking to be caned, you will be astonished at how hard it becomes to bruise that person and how quickly those bruises heal. The mental component of wound healing times resulted from studies of war wounds in WWII. Broken skin, abrasions, etc. Clean your canes, rods, etc.

Here are two other often-mistaken issues: It is simply not true that, "A rattan cane with skin is more nasty than rattan without skin". It is simply not true that thin canes sting and bite, but that thick canes are more thuddy. Caning Styles A cane stroke occurs mostly in the wrist.

So here is a list of variables under your control: CAUTION: some of these areas feet, abdomen, breasts, parts of the back are NOT suited for hard hits, nor are they suited for hits with a heavier gauge cane. Some things you might wish to keep handy Feathers Alcohol wanding glove and related safety materials BDSM wax Pointy things of various kinds Floggers and paddles of various kinds Atomizer bottle filled with water Add some Variation Do some tipping rather than just striking Strike with variety Place one cane on her body and tap it with another cane.

Breast Crest of Venus Positioning your Partner When positioning your partner, consider how their final height affects where you are in relation to your target area. Still on a massage table ask them to roll over on their back and grab their ankles. Their asses are now exposed for your pleasure. In a more disciplinary setting the bottom will be bending over a low table or bench. This tightens up the skin and muscles in the buttocks and thighs and can increase the potency i.

Andrews Cross. NOTE: Some bottoms can stand better than others when being caned or flogged. If you expect that you will drop your partner into sub-space, securing them to a St Andrews Cross may not be a great idea. First, you have to use snap-release hooks, then you have to practice actually getting your partner hanging all her weight from her arms off the bloody cross.

Possibly with a DM standing around, but alone? No thank you. Target Areas The most common target areas are the buttocks and upper thighs. Caning soles of fee is called bastinado. Abdomen potentially damaging; use light strokes only with a light-weight cane. These include: The face, head and neck, ts and parts of the body containing important nerves, including the spine, behind the knees, inside elbows, wrists and palms, Fingers and toes -- too much chance of damaging the ts.

Fingers and toes lack enough fleshy area to strike with canes. Palms and feet are fine -- if the person has good aim. You are cautioned to use an easy-to-control shorter, lighter cane. Parts of the body containing unprotected vital organs particularly under the rib cage around the waist , and Soft tissue such as breasts. The areas in the diagram which are not green are pretty much unsafe for various reasons: All tsneck, wrists, elbows, knees, etc. While a gentle caning with a light cane may go down well in these areas, they are no-go areas for heavier caning, and The spine is a bad area to hit.

Causing damage here can make your partner paraplegic. A sinking of searing a sensation into the body. A radiating warmth. A feeling of surrender travelling up the spine. Cleaning Canes Removing blood stains: Use hydrogen peroxide on a soft rag. You might want to give the rattan a little water after cleaning with peroxide. If you generally get blood on a cane or leave welts , safe-sex practices dictate that you should reserve that particular cane for that one person. Acrylic, nylon, and other non-porous materials can be cleaned with modern products intended to clean viruses as well as bacteria.

Always clean your toys before sharing them with others. Cleaning Glossy Handles: Nothing should damage the high-gloss finish of cane handles and canes with coated shafts. Clean with whatever you prefer. Cleaning Rubberized Handles: Warm, soapy water is best for these. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on them. Storing Canes Canes should never be stored leaning in a corner. They are best stored by laying them flat. If you purchased high-quality canes you can expect that they were soaked thoroughly in pure, raw linseed oil.

You should not need to oil them unless you live in a very dry climate, and even then, not for a year or so. You should water your cane collection every month or so. They are more prone to being damaged when they're allowed to dry out. A nice soak makes the cane more flexible, whippier, and heavier, so if you want to change the feel of one, try it. If you haven't moistened or used your cane for a couple months, please give it a little water before it's next use.

Dunk them in a lukewarm bath for a couple minutes or hold them under the shower Set them outside overnight in a humid climate, or just rub some water into the shaft. Allow them to dry out in the open air. Keeping a damp cane covered will make it get moldy. Do not completely immerse a crook handled British School Cane. Total immersion will make the handle straighten out. Simply rub water onto the shaft and it will soak it up.

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