Crossdresser lovers

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Decades long tension between the United Earth Federation and the Martian Free People's Coalition exploded into all out war on the Martian frontier as UEF forces kill thousands in retaliation for a dispute over frozen water access on the Korolev crater. Group picture with my love Natty and our friend Maz at Backdrop Central with some additional props to create a scene. You mean more than words can express, despite the distance and the physical limitations know that my feelings and emotions are true. Group picture with my family and friends, managed to create an interesting backdrop that we put to good use.

A collaboration with our friend Mortishia Blacksoul and my love Natty. The pose was worked on by Natty with ideas from Mortishia and I worked on a little scene behind us. Check out his store: www. Enjoy the slideshow: www. We teach young witches and warlocks everything from demonology, potion making and opening portals to other dimensions. Natty and me wanted to cosplay as two of our favorite characters from the DC universe, who are also a couple, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

We created our own interpretation of them and are looking for others to us in a group photo with other DC heroes and villains. See the slideshow: www. A zombie apocalypse themed picture, with the survivors protecting a supply truck and getting overwhelmed and overrun.

This is a group picture with my love Natty and our friend Raven. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will you in the sun. In time you will help them accomplish wonders. Natty and me explored the sim Royal Oaks which has some beautiful scenery and decided to take a stroll through the forest.

You are right, Pierre. I love modelling my LisahWear des but not at the expense of us being apart. Oh, yes! Fabulous idea, Pierre. Where to today? Fabulous, the home of glassware. New pics!! My wife just got a new iPhone camera, and was kind enough to snap some amazing pictures this last weekend! February is the month for lovers and my birthday, I might add You have been away so much lately.

The extra day in Berlin. Another day in Rome. I just need to know. Are you seeing someone? Really, no? Oh, an old friend in Berlin? Goes back to your college days. But just a friend. Oh, Pierre, Pierre. OK, I had lunch with him while you were away. He turned up in Paris. He wanted to, but I said no. We love one another and each think the other is seeing someone else!

We need to talk more, too. Yes, I know, LisahWear is now becoming an international brand and I love modelling the des. But has it become the most important thing in our lives? We need a holiday. Relax, talk and have fun. I tried to pull off the seated demure look, what do you think? For the foot lovers me it provides an unexpected close up of my heels, ankle bracelet and feet.

Over 2 million people have viewed my pictures and nearly favourited me. The thought of all those people seeing me dressed as a women is truly thrilling thank you. I have followers now, not a lot by some standards I know, but nonetheless I am truly flattered. Perhaps my Mistress will suggest something 'special' to celebrate reaching 1, when I do! Relaxing in the private gardens at Lyndon Towers. My hubby is busy mixing me a Tom Collins, while we wait for one of my current lovers to arrive. My cuckold husband is extremely excited, as I have hinted that I may allow him to watch some of the action in the marital boudoir tonight!

This is the classic counter-top pose of an upper-class Lady, taking charge in her own kitchen…. Lockdown which even applies to a Duchess! Hilda is a woman in her late sixties, very plain looking, who wears no make-up and keeps her silver-grey cut short, in a rather masculine style. Hilda and I have been lovers ever since my marriage and my move to Lyndon Towers.

But lockdown as many are saying in other contexts has made me appreciate what I have close at hand… Quite frankly, none of my female lovers have given me the same physical pleasure as Mrs Danvers has. The best tunes, as they always say, are played on the oldest violins…. One bottle, two glasses, one bedroom, two legs clad in exquisite hosiery And if you did ever feel like treating me of course my wishlist via Delivery Code - see my twitter is always available for your perusal. See my profile or twitter for more details. I find feet very sexy, and have been known to suck a nylon clad set of toes before now, as well as having a pair of sexy feet in tights, play with me to completion In the case of my marriage, the plan was present from the very beginning.

This is exactly how things have worked out. My husband is fascinated by the details of my constant seductions and professional infidelities. It gives him exquisite pleasure to be involved in the selection of my lingerie, stockings, jewelry, high-heels, and dresses — as well as my furs, hats, and fascinators, when appropriate. My hubby buys me many wonderful gifts of perfume, jewels and lingerie — in the full knowledge that they will be used to excite and arouse my numerous lovers — and clients!

Veronica and I, are always prepared for the wet weather, because we are both rainwear lovers, so we took the opportunity to pose in some very practical, but very lovely PVC rainmacs. Well here in Cornwall, one has to be ready for the rain. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags Crossdressing Lovers. Related groups — Crossdressing Lovers. After The Storm by Diavkha. With Enrique on a rainy afternoon wearing the new Toksik school uniform.

There For You by Diavkha. Love you, in every way, always! This Is The Beginning by Diavkha. Data Log: J Decades long tension between the United Earth Federation and the Martian Free People's Coalition exploded into all out war on the Martian frontier as UEF forces kill thousands in retaliation for a dispute over frozen water access on the Korolev crater. Hell Maidens by Diavkha.

Crossdresser lovers

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