How do you know if someone logged out of kik

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If you find yourself needing to block an unwelcome friend-wannabe, you can take comfort in knowing that your virtual personal space is being respected. Everybody knows that blocking means setting a social media app to prevent another user from contacting you, but what is technically happening when the blocking process goes into effect? The answer is fairly simple: the blocker will not receive any of the messages received by the person being blocked. Other platforms have different systems, but on Kik, the person being blocked can still send messages. Blockees can see all of your shared communication histories.

First, here is how you block or unblock someone on Kik. Note that you can also report a user in the same menu where you found Block. When should you report someone? Unblocking someone is as easy as blocking them. Simply follow the same steps, as you see above. There will be no special message, no banners, and no alerts. The first way is by paying close attention to your sent messages. Note that when a user is blocked, his or her messages can be sent but not received. The only other explanation might be a technical issue.

However, there are no commonly known Kik technical issues associated with messages being sent but not received. Websites were instructing blocked users to invite the blockers to a group chat and message them through the group chat. This strategy may have worked for a while, but it has since been fixed in a Kik update. Now, blocked users can no longer invite blockers to group chats. So the workarounds that worked before no longer work to get around a block on Kik.

The only way to get around a block is to get unblocked, and the only way to do that is to appeal to the user who blocked you by contacting them in some other way and have them unblock you on their end. If you liked this article and if you are getting tired of Kik and want to explore some alternatives, you might find Tired of Kik?

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How do you know if someone logged out of kik

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How To Know Or Tell If Someone Blocked You On Kik