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I live in the UK and am currently on summer break from university, so have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment! I like frequent and long responses, and for us to communicate through OOC about our characters and where the plot is going. Third person, a few paragraphs per response, that kind of thing.

I only play MxF OC, can do smut never have before but willing , am happy with violence and drug use but do have my limits and would hope that you would be happy to discuss before introducing anything that I might see as too far, as I would for you too. I do prefer to play males but am happy to double for story telling purposes. My main characters are normally angsty, emotional, messy people. Lord Voldemort revealed himself, and his plans for the Wizarding world, on Christmas Eve Almost a year has passed and now, Inferi roam the streets.

Werewolves attack on the full moon. And the people begin to fear that Grindelwald may not have been the worst Dark Wizard of the age after all. A storm is brewing and we are exploring every tense, breathtaking moment before death rains in the streets and war is declared. Our stories focus on the lives of adult characters - their struggles and successes.

We have plots focusing on werewolves, squibs, muggles… Everyday folk, not just those who are grasping for power. Disclaimer: Male authors, please stop contacting me. Hello, you can call me Doe! I compare it to writing a novel together. I adore having long, thoughtful replies where we truly immerse ourselves in the world.

Getting a reply is the highlight of my day. Both in character and out of character. Literate to advanced writers only, please. While mature themes will be in my plots, and are even encouraged, there needs to be chemistry between our characters. I like to have a good mix of plot and tastefully written smut, along with doses of angst and fluff. I also love those grumpy, hypermasculine men being intimidated by soft yet commanding women. Tossing ideas back and forth, watching them snowball into amazing plot thre brings me joy.

I also like to make friends with my partners! Below are genres and pairings I love. Current cravings are in bold. I use and discord to write. Contact me at Doe on discord or by : doeeyes73 gmail. Look forward to hearing from you! I go by Beelzeberries, Beelz for short. Ships: Ships in bold are either my favorites or ships I already have story ideas in mind for. Souls can be touched and can feel, and are often considered the most vulnerable part of a person. Soulbonds are connections between souls that create soulmate-like effects. Bodyguard Crushes!!!

Faustian Bargains Character A makes a pact with Character B that will give them a great amount of power or support, but if Character A breaks a certain condition, Character B will own their life. Domestic Life vs Saving the World. The youngest I write is early 20s. Below are. The year is Beyond the three Walls are the titans, monsters who snatch up and eat any human they can get their hand or mouth on. For over one hundred years, the people of Paradis have fought to survive despite death knocking at their gates.

Two years ago, they lost Wall Maria. As the effort to reclaim Wall Maria is given fresh hope, outsiders have snuck through the plains of titans and taken refuge under their very noses. We have a host of canon and original characters to write with.

Following our own storyline, we have so much space for exploration and character development to take place. Plot Rules Canon List. I go by Mars. Twenty-nine years of age, and I have been roleplaying for over 14 years, so I have a good deal of experience in my humblest opinion. Someone easygoing yet creative with a vivid imagination to bring ideas to form is highly desired in a writer. This request is not for the faint of heart, and those who have considerable limits, hesitations, and triggers are likely not going to be a good match.

Just fair warning. I love detail and description, and I am actively seeking someone of the same infamy. I exclusively play male characters in mxf pairings with any smut or romantic attachment, this is non-negotiable. I fully understand and respect roleplayers who are able to play both males and females and nonbinary characters in different pairings. On the other hand, I am a bit more versatile when it comes to genres and settings that I like to play in.

Supernatural is my absolute bread and butter, especially urban and gothic fantasy. Anything to do with vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, shapeshifters, mutants, other urban creature of folklore, given some sort of modern day spun, is absolutely perfect for me. I also really love science fiction in its many forms.

Against, these would be with original characters on my part. One thing I really love to employ in my roleplays would be face claims, faces, playbys, picture bases, however you call it nowadays. Like I said, I started out roleplaying on forums like proboards, and later, jcink and invisionfree, so face claims are quite prevalent for me. This would only be real-life pictures, and not anime or drawings. We can use the latter for reference points, but I would ideally like face claims to be involved.

For women, my characters playing against, I like to go for an even greater assortment of faces. So the flexibility is highly wanted. I want an active roleplayer in this category, without a doubt. Too often I find people gun-shy in this regard. That way, I feel as though we would both be extremely immersed into the roleplay. I enjoy writing smut, plain and simple. Some kinks I love include BDSM, incest, the unholy trinity oral, anal, and such , dubious consent, hair-pulling, those sorts of things. Also, since I love things like psychological trauma and experimentation in science fiction and supernatural context , those are also highly desired.

These lean more on this smuttier side of the roleplaying, which I like to fashion it as a coin; he being the smut, tails being the story. I tend to think of them as two halves of a whole and complete experience, and you simply cannot have one without the other. These themes are going to be darker by nature. So BDSM, incest, the exploration of similar themes and such. The only limits I have in this regard would include scat and watersports, those things of that nature.

However, I honestly do not mind it at all if that theme is not included at all since I know that it can be a particular trigger to some.. I have many different inspirations when it comes to what I roleplay and how I generally approach a roleplay through my characters, the setting, and such.

I would, however, love to play opposite canon characters with my own original assembly of characters, as well as playing in scenes and settings reminiscent of these. Each of these cravings would require us to play multiple characters off the bat, as well as adding characters either selectively to the storyline, or nondescriptly, because we think another character with a specific personality might add even more intrigue to it.

As these cravings will be fairly demanding and require a good deal of OOC communication, I will require you to add in your own input AS you contact me. Which means, if you do decide to me, specifically about those ideas, you must already have some ideas ready to throw at me. When I started roleplaying, I was initially a site go-getter, loving the pretty graphics and the jcink and invisionfree and to a lesser extent, proboards communities. Right now, my main preferences for roleplaying include and Googledocs, with Googledocs being the main preference right now.

Hopefully I have not dissuaded too many people, but I will say that for the purposes of what I am looking for, I am going to be rather picky about who contacts me. Let me know what specifically wrapped you into contacting me. If you are interested in potentially roleplaying with me, please contact me by ONLY. I made this tumblr just to be able to send these kinds of request, but I otherwise do not use it and will not respond to messages made on it. I created the specifically for roleplaying means — wildbloodedmadness gmail.

Post-apocalyptic Roleplay? Hi there! I have a few plot ideas in mind for these, please let me know if you are interested! The town of Paimont welcomes you! Have you been searching for a low pressure roleplaying server? Are you looking for a place where you can write how and what makes you comfortable? Do you want a place where you can make friends and hang out just as much as you can create stories? Seeing Literate Partners!

After all, I probably have a character concept in the back of my mind somewhere that might be perfect for them already. Though with the above being said, I do lean towards a preference of playing tops, or honestly just whichever side of the pair is the more straightfoward and aggressive one in the relationship. Contact: Beelzeberries Seeking Literate Partners! Now they have their own titan to fight back. Psychological torment. Again, I really enjoy this sort of roleplaying, challenging the mind, characters in situations where they ultimately do not recover from it mentally, where their psychological profile is irrevocably changed.

The unholy trinity. Oral, anal, vaginal sex. Something as simple as a hardened person, forged from the rigors of life, suddenly finding themselves in a position of finer things. Of wealth, of relaxation. That can sow the seeds into a slow descent into something illegal, lewd, or all of the above. And they can view it as the ultimate freedom from that hardship. Vanity, body alterations. This can be through different genres and for different reasons.

Imperfections are everywhere, and I love roleplaying themes where the characters will go through whatever means. Larger breasts and a more voluptuous curves in order to make money or ascend higher in the economic sphere. Modified abs, cosmetic surgery, all of those things would be included. Taboo pairings. Specifically incest or interracial. With urban fantasy, you can expect this, because I tend to play creatures as vicious, war-mongering, and unapologetic about tapping into their bestial natures.

Roleplay partner search

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