Sluttiest girls

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I still wore my wedding ring and girls like a guy with a ring on it seems. Dumpster blow job. We were playing poker in a bar. A few girls wanted to learn. One sat down beside me and I quickly taught her how to play. I think I was joking. Not sure. I was drunk. She lost of course. Received my payment out behind the bar on a dumpster. I hear about it at least once a week at work from my co-workers who know about it to this day. Had sex with a customer not but 2 hours after being her waiter. At first I was like damn I just got laid out of nowhere but then I was like dude that was trashy.

I had a friend of mine offer me a blowjob just because it was my birthday. Before knowing this, I went to a park she was at with a female friend. I was shocked. I obviously said yes. She did it in front of her friend. And that is all I never did with that friend, life can be odd at times….

I was seeing 2 girls from Tinder. Well I ended up sleeping with girl 1 for the first time on Friday night, and then went to a hotel for girl 2 on Saturday night. I told girl 2 that it was the last time. At one point, a guy came out to leave. We then went to go eat burgers at a bar nearby.

There were about 15 people at the party and he was in the middle of a conversation with several of them when my texts started showing up. They were not subtle nudes. I jerk off in a Airport restroom. Was coming back home from Iraq and the smell of clean pretty women just became to overpowering. My dick would not stop being hard. I did what I had to do.

Sounds exciting right? Luckily no cross burning. Me and this girl start talking, and we end up sneaking back into the barn and received felatio on a bed of hay. The slutty part is there were at least 3 other couples doing the same thing… lots of people in my neck of the woods had their first sexual experience in a barn…. Found out an ex was cheating.

Showered, then screwed a friend who had a crush on me in the afternoon as I told her the story and realized I was dumb to forgive cheating gf. She gets down and dirty with a guy. Things are getting hot. No condom. My friend, not being one to blueball, pulls out a fucking Skittles wrapper and uses that instead.

She gets UTI, not pregnant, and that man is now referred to as Skittledick by almost everyone. I did a girl doggie style over the back row. Went out to a dance bar with my friend. Got outrageously drunk. Decided I wanted to get laid that night. So I got up on the table at the end of the dancefloor. I took a look at all the guys in the bar and selected the most attractive one….

I just stood there and pointed at him until he noticed. Eventually he saw me so I beckoned him over. I hopped off the table, grabbed his hand, pulled him outside to a cab, and took him home. Still shocked to this day that it worked. Search for: Search.

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Sluttiest girls

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