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Concern among some users that Fleet feature, similar to stories on Snapchat and Instagram, creates opportunities for online harassment. Some Twitter users experimenting with the tool said it had created worrying opportunities for online harassment, like allowing unwanted direct messages.

It also allowed fleet authors to tag people who had blocked them. Twitter said it was listening to feedback and working on fixes for such safety concerns. Fleets can include text, photos and videos. Twitter and other social media companies are under pressure to better police abuses and viral misinformation. Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelley said fleets were subject to the same rules as tweets. Kelley said warnings or labels — which Twitter has started applying to content such as manipulated media and misinformation about civic processes or Covid — could be applied to fleets.

Twitter also confirmed it was working on a live audio feature, called Spaces, that it aimed to test soon. The feature would allow users to talk in public group conversations. It has similarities with Clubhouse, a social platform using voice chat rooms. Twitter earlier this year launched a feature for users to tweet recorded voice notes. This article is more than 7 months old. What is a Fleet? Wed 18 Nov Twitter and Facebook CEOs testify on alleged anti-conservative bias.

. Trump will no longer receive special Twitter treatment if he loses election. Topics Twitter Blogging Internet news. Reuse this content.

Twitter snapchat sex

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