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Vauxhall , London : A man with a vampire fetish has been accused of carving a cross mark on his chest before forcing a woman to suck blood from the wound. A case has been registered against the accused, Luke McCarthy, in connection with the crime and the trial is being heard in the Southwark Crown Court. McCarthy has been accused of raping two women, one of who was forced to suck blood from his chest.

The victim, in her statement to the police, said that she was forced to sleep on the floor with her head in a cage. Punching her in the face, McCarthy told her that she was "sort of attractive to him. He then cut his chest in the shape of a cross and forced her to drink his blood. I had to suck blood," the victim said. It didn't stop at that. Later, it was the woman's turn to cut up her leg and McCarthy sucked her blood as a part of his fetish.

According to a report, McCarthy had also threatened to harm the victim's family if she did not obey his orders and call him 'master'. Although the woman alleged rape, McCarthy said that the relationship was consensual and that the vampire fetish was 'symbolic' so that two people have a special connection.

He has denied four counts of rape. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. World Europe 16 Jul UK rapist with vampi World , Europe. Published Jul 16, , pm IST. Updated Jul 16, , pm IST. Photo: Facebook. The incident took place in Vauxhall, a district in southwest London. Tags: vampire fetish , rape. Latest From World. How can you become a space tourist?

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Vamp fetish

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