Why do guys like choking

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Have you been curious about choking during sex? Maybe you had a partner recently who, seemingly out of nowhere, asked you to choke them? Or perhaps you saw a porn scene recently where choking was the main attraction? We have the goods. There are many risks.

Just because you saw choking in a porn scene or are interested in it, does not mean you should just run off and choke your partner. This is all around a BAD idea. This is not the same as spanking, light bondage, or other forms of kinky play. In a recent study conducted by Debby Herbenick, a professor and sex researcher at the Indiana University School of Public Health, 23 of the female respondents described feeling scared during sex because their partner had tried to choke them unexpectedly.

So, why are people into choking during sex—and how can you do it safely, if you're one of them? We spoke to some experts to get the inside scoop. She adds, " Women can have more intense orgasms when coupled with breath play choking. But the appeal of choking may go beyond stronger orgasms.

The turn-on has deep psychological implications, giving both partners an opportunity to explore different roles during sex. Choking highlights the giving and receiving of control. Giving someone permission to choke you—or visa versa—is allowing the two of you to take on dominant and submissive roles in bed.

This is something many of us long for: A release from control, or the power to take it. She points out that the "life threatening" aspect of choking is simply a perceived fantasy. There's a problem with the way some people perceive choking. They feel that doing it is how sex should be done. This has dangerous implications. Watching someone get choked out on RedTube does not, in any way, constitute a lesson in proper choking technique.

If you do it wrong, it could lead to serious injury, or even death. The way to figure out how to choke someone is with workshops, proper training, and practice. When you start using choking with a partner, gently press on either side of the esophagus and figure out the pressure that works for them. Your partner should be able to answer you if you speak. Never choke someone so hard they cannot express words vocally.

Check in with each other and gather information about personal preferences as you become more experienced. Before any choking takes place, both partners need to establish boundaries and indicate what they are and aren't OK with. Holmgren suggests talking about the timing, intensity, and overall goal of the choking.

You should also talk about the "style" of choking: Is it playful, dominant, maybe a little pretend scary? In all BDSM play, a safe word should be established beforehand. This is an agreed-upon, usually non-sexual phrase that indicates when one's partner is uncomfortable and wants the play to stop.

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Why do guys like choking

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